Letters of Fire

Marten hesitated. This life in the Wrights' Division, ground under the heel of the Bull's soldiery, or the pyre... but he was a coward, and the books, the books.... He sagged and took Gerda's hand, nodding. Just till I can escape.

Staying with the Bull's army might not be as bad as the days with his master.
Cold Iron and Green Vines

I crumbled to my knees on the front steps of the church as the hinkypunks closed in on Danny O'Neil. In the twilight of the village square, their bodies were like whirling balls of smoke and light, each one's single foot hopping almost too quickly for me to see. They had brought the smell of the bog with them, thick as sludge and duckweed.

Most people didn't bother replacing teeth; they all went wicker-and-cogwork as young as they could.
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One night, I tried to sneak into the tent. Mistake.