A Place to Stand

The title of the book was Principles of Light-Bearing, and Sharide was engrossed in it by the second page. It described how light was the underpinning of the world. She had dreamed of being a weaver, and a fisher, and a soldier, and many different wives, but the life of a seeker of knowledge had never come to her yet. When next she slept, she decided, she would try to find a life wherein she had read this book, and other books, and understood them.

Shadows Under Hexmouth Street

Yengec lingered over his spiced yams and rice, reading Hjel’s journal. Paramentals, not cauldron-borne like homunculi but spontaneously generated from the city itself. Paramentals—every polisomancer whispered of them. They haunted cities. Not quite ghosts, but spirits just the same.

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Shadows Under Hexmouth Street

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“You’re not human.” Yengec could barely keep his voice steady. “You’re one of them. A paramental.”