Lady Marmalade

She opens the jar to find herself on a Himalayan plain, in a time before humanity has discovered this place. The air here is cold, pinks her cheeks. She picks her way toward the pomegranate trees which line the foothills and opens a wide-mouth jar. Two pomegranates will fit inside, little else. She twists the lid into place then sinks into the dark soil at the base of the trees. If she keeps still, the sunlight sinks through her and she hears only the wind.

Death and the Thunderbird, Pt. II

Bienor let the bottle drop from his lips. A few fingers of liquid remained in the depths, but he'd had enough to serve his purpose and to spare. His head buzzed gloriously with alcohol and loss of blood; his lips were swollen with the last flavor he ever wanted to grace them. The end was coming. He thought he could see it already in the cloudy haze above the cliffs. It looked like snow.

From the Archives:
The Silver Khan
When the sun began to set in the west, one could hear the chink-chink of the great chain being wound as the palace settled slowly back toward the ground.