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Only 0.7% of BCS readers support the zine financially. 99.3% do not. If you would like to help us pay authors a pro rate and our First Readers an honorarium, please consider donating (we’re a 501c3 nonprofit), becoming a patron of the BCS Patreon, or buying a BCS ebook subscription. Thank you!

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Our parent company, Firkin Press, is a 501(c)3 non-profit; your donation is tax deductible. To make a single donation, of any amount, use this PayPal “Donate” button.

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You can also donate to BCS on the BCS Patreon, which lists our current fundraising goals–for summer 2019, to pay the new higher SFWA “pro” pay rate that goes into effect Sept. 1, 2019–and how far we have to go to reach them.

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Become a Supporter of BCS on Patreon

BCS is on Patreon, a website to support creators of regular content, such as magazines. There are different tiers of monthly support amounts.

As with donations to BCS, support paid to BCS on Patreon is tax-deductible as allowed by law, because our parent company is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Supporters of the BCS Patreon also get free early access to ebooks of new issues.

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Buy a Kindle / E-Reader Subscription or BCS Anthologies

All BCS fiction is available for free on our site, but we also sell a Kindle / E-Reader subscription and several BCS ebook anthologies.

The Kindle / E-Reader subscription is 1 year/26 issues for only $19.99. (That’s 35 cents a story!) It’s available from, an indie ebook store run by the folks from Small Beer Press.

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Ebook subscribers get new issues a week early, before the website, and delivered straight to their e-reader device. Some readers buy it for the convenience or getting new issues early, but others buy it to help support BCS.

Our single issues are available on Kindle and at Weightless Books.

The BCS anthologies, including the yearly Best of BCS and our theme anthologies Ceaseless Steam and Ceaseless West, are available through and Kindle Store, B&N, iBooks, and more. They each have 15-18 stories and cost only $2.99-$3.99.

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Another important thing you can do to help BCS is spread the word. “Like” us on the BCS Facebook fan page. Follow us on Twitter (@BCSmagazine). If you enjoy a particular story or the magazine in general, mention it in your blog or on your Facebook page, or Tweet it. You can use the ShareThis button ShareThis at the bottom of each story to email the link to your friends or to post it to your Facebook or social media.

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Join in the Discussion

We welcome discussion of all our stories. Our new website has commenting on the same page as each story, below the author bio—follow the link at the end of the story. Or leave comments about stories in the New Issue posts on the BCS Facebook page or our new issue Tweets @BCSmagazine.

Starting or joining in a discussion is an easy way to support us. The more people that get involved, the more interest it will draw to BCS and our fiction.


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