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A seer of the dead must find the king’s illegitimate nephew so he can be executed...

A mother escaping with her baby follows a coyote into a strange and dangerous dreamland...

A bride who is not what she seems takes an ancient artifact to betray her colonial husband...

A wing-maker fights her father’s addiction and her own fear to save her family trade...

These and other awe-inspiring stories await in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Seven, a new anthology of eighteen stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies, the Hugo Award-finalist online magazine that Locus online credits with “revive(ing)... secondary-world fantasy as a respectable subgenre of short fiction, raising it from the midden of disdain into which it had been cast by most of the rest of the field.”

The Best of BCS, Year Seven features such authors as K.J. Parker, Carrie Vaughn, Yoon Ha Lee, Aliette de Bodard, Richard Parks, and Gemma Files, Rich Larson, and Fran Wilde.

It includes “The Punctuality Machine, Or, A Steampunk Libretto” by Bill Powell, a finalist for the Parsec Awards, and “Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” by Rose Lemberg, a finalist for the Nebula Awards.

Where to Buy It

The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year Seven will be available in September for only $3.99 from major ebook retailers including Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes/iBooks, Kobo,, and more.

Buy The Best of BCS, Year Seven or download a free preview at:

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All proceeds from the sale of The Best of BCS, Year Seven go to pay BCS authors and artists for their work. Buy a copy to read great literary adventure fantasy and support Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Table of Contents

Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds · Rose Lemberg
Sun, Stone, Spear · Carrie Vaughn
Two to Leave · Yoon Ha Lee
The Sorrow of Rain · Richard Parks
The Warriors, The Mothers, The Drowned · Kay Chronister
Drawn Up From Deep Places · Gemma Files
Seasons Set in Skin · Caroline M. Yoachim
Stone Prayers · Kate Marshall
The Moon Over Red Trees · Aliette de Bodard
The Metamorphoses of Narcissus · Tamara Vardomskaya
Everything Beneath You · Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
The Leaves Upon Her Falling Light · Gregory Norman Bossert
Sinseerly A Friend & Yr. Obed’t · Thomas M. Waldroon
The Punctuality Machine, Or, A Steampunk Libretto · Bill Powell
Moogh and the Great Trench Kraken · Suzanne Palmer
Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud · Fran Wilde
The King in the Cathedral · Rich Larson
Heaven Thunders the Truth · K.J. Parker