08-28-2008, 04:34 PM

Quote: tlmorganfield

Hi Scott,

I have a guidelines-related question. There’s no mention of whether or not BCS is looking for dark fantasy. If you are, where do you draw the line between dark fantasy and horror?

Best, Traci

So long as a story is sufficiently secondary-world and character-driven, I don’t mind dark fantasy or horror fantasy at all.

I didn’t specifically mention them in the guidelines because horror is most often set in the real world or a paranormal version of it, so I wouldn’t be interested in that because of the setting, and “dark fantasy” is often a synonym for horror.

As an example, the story of mine in Weird Tales #347 gets pretty dark, both physically and emotionally, but it is character-driven and set in a pre-tech secondary world. Anything like that would definitely fit what I’m looking for.



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