Issue #13 — Mar. 26, 2009

“The The Five Days of Justice Merriwell,” by Stephanie Burgis

My voice sounds thin and choked when I speak. “Let the soldiers choose for themselves,” I say. “Let those who wish to flee leave now, in good faith. I will not have them stay to be murdered for a cause they cannot support. But let food and bandages be stockpiled through the day, and close the gates”–I almost say, at nightfall, but it is always night now–“before midnight. We will hold my father’s fortress until the last.”

“Haxan,” by Kenneth Mark Hoover

“No, I’m talking about real people. Flesh and blood like you and me. They’re taken from places they call home and sent into this stormy sea to help calm the waters. It never ends because it’s the storm itself, the unending conflict, that makes the world we know a reality. Along with all the other worlds that could be.”

Audio Fiction Podcast 010

“Hangman,” by Erin Cashier, from Issue #10

The full moon let me see the train coming. It raged up the path of the old tracks but it wasn’t on them. It wove across them, ignoring their boundaries, sweeping like a snake on sand. It was a long one. It’d be full of a lot of good things—nails, cotton, wood, corn. That pleased me. Made everything a little more worthwhile, as worthwhile as dying ever got.

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