12-16-2009, 02:46 PM

Recent acceptances at BCS in the last two months:

“Shatterach Gates,” Paul Daly, 4300 words
“Waiting for Number Five,” Tom Crosshill, 2300 words
“The Motor, the Mirror, the Mind,” T.F. Davenport, 10,000 words
“To Slay with a Thousand Kisses,” Rodello Santos, 3000 words
“Knowing Neither Kin Nor Foe,” Nancy Fulda, 7150 words
“Pawn’s Gambit,” Adam Heine, 4400 words
“A Serpent in the Gears,” Margaret Ronald, 6500 words

All these authors making their first appearance in BCS except for Margaret Ronald, who wrote the very-well reviewed “Dragon’s-Eyes” in BCS #9. Congratulations, all!

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