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For the 2010 Locus Awards (details and online nomination form are here), here is a list of all stories from BCS that are eligible (anything published in 2009), which category they fall under (e.g. Novella, Novelette, Short Story), and links to them so you can read them.

(Note that only one BCS piece, Thieves of Silence by Holly Phillips, is on Locus‘s list of nomination choices; any other BCS story you will have to write in in one of the Write-In spaces at the bottom of that category.)

Thanks very much for considering our stories.

Eligible for Best Novelette:
P.E. Cunningham, Snake in the Glass
Aliette de Bodard, Beneath the Mask
Matthew David Surridge, Kreisler’s Automata
K.D. Wentworth, The Orangery
Erin Hoffman, Stormchaser, Stormshaper

Saladin Ahmed, Where Virtue Lives
S.C. Butler, More Than Once Upon A Time
Sarah L. Edwards, The Tinyman and Caroline
Renee Stern, Wolf’s Clothing
Caroline M. Yoachim, The Land of Empty Shells

Holly Phillips, Thieves of Silence
Rita Oakes, Sorrow’s Blade
Chris Tissell, The Puzzle Box
Jonathan Wood, The Mathematics of Faith
Stephen Case, The Silver Khan

Eligible for Best Novella:
Michael Anthony Ashley, To Kiss the Granite Choir

Eligible for Best Short Story:
K.C. Shaw, Sand-Skin Man
Megan Arkenberg, Winterblood
Margaret Ronald, Dragon’s-Eyes
Michael J. DeLuca, Of Thinking Being and Beast
Tony Pi, Silk and Shadow

Jonathan Wood, Preservation
Erin Cashier, Hangman
Grace Seybold, Unrest
Stephanie Burgis, The Five Days of Justice Merriwell
Kenneth Mark Hoover, Haxan

Marie Brennan, Driftwood
T.D. Edge, System, Magic, Spirit
Brian Dolton, The Sacrifice Pit
Kris Dikeman, Clockwork Heart, Clockwork Soul
Kamila Zeman Miller, Thistles and Barley

James Lecky, The Bone House
Richard Parks, The Mansion of Bones
A.C. Smart & Quinn Braver, Havoc
Harry R. Campion, Walking Out
Aliette de Bodard, Blighted Heart

Emily M.Z. Carlyle, The Prince’s Shadow
Christopher Green, Father’s Kill
Michael J. DeLuca, Between Two Treasons
Justin Howe, Of Shifting Skin and Certainty
Erin Cashier, The Alchemist’s Feather

Yoon Ha Lee, The Pirate Captain’s Daughter
Ian McHugh, Songdogs
Sara M. Harvey, Six Seeds
Rachel Swirsky, Great, Golden Wings
Sarah L. Edwards, The Woman and the Mountain

Stephen Case, The Silver Khan
Dru Pagliassotti, The Manufactory
Jennifer Greylyn, The Book Thief
Tina Connolly, Child of Sunlight, Woman of Blood

S.A. Bolich, Kraken’s Honor
Kenneth Mark Hoover, High Moon
Erin A. Tidwell, My Sister’s Soul
Aliette de Bodard, In the Age of Iron and Ashes
B. Gordon, On the Transmontane Run with the Aerial Mail Express

Best Magazine or Fanzine:
Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Thanks very much!

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