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Nominations for the 2010 Locus Awards, run by Locus magazine, are now open!

Anyone can nominate, and if you’re a Locus subscriber they count your vote double. The deadline is April 1. Details, and the online nomination form, are here.

What BCS Stories are Eligible:
Anything published in calendar 2009, which is BCS Issue #7 through Issue #33, inclusive.

(Note that only one piece from BCS, Thieves of Silence by Holly Phillips, is on Locus‘s default list of nomination choices. Any other BCS story you will have to write in in one of the Write-In spaces at the bottom of that category.)

Here is a brief list of some of our best-reviewed stories of the last year, including which Hugo category they fit in (Best Novella, Novelette, or Short Story). For a list of all eligible BCS stories and their Hugo categories, see this post in our Forums.

Best Novelette:
Matthew David Surridge, Kreisler’s Automata, 02/12/2009 (Write-In)
K.D. Wentworth, The Orangery, 03/12/2009 (Write-In)
Sarah L. Edwards, The Tinyman and Caroline, 05/21/2009 (Write-In)
Jonathan Wood, The Mathematics of Faith, 09/24/2009 (Write-In)
Holly Phillips, Thieves of Silence

Best Novella (Write-In):
Michael Anthony Ashley, To Kiss the Granite Choir, 10/8/2009 (Write-In)

Best Short Story:
Margaret Ronald, Dragon’s-Eyes, 01/29/2009 (Write-In)
Tony Pi, Silk and Shadow, 02/26/2009 (Write-In)
Grace Seybold, Unrest, 03/12/2009 (Write-In)
Marie Brennan, Driftwood, 04/09/2009 (Write-In)
Richard Parks, The Mansion of Bones, 06/18/2009 (Write-In)
Aliette de Bodard, Blighted Heart, 07/30/2009 (Write-In)
Christopher Green, Father’s Kill, 08/27/2009 (Write-In)
Yoon Ha Lee, The Pirate Captain’s Daughter, 10/08/2009 (Write-In)
Rachel Swirsky, Great, Golden Wings, 10/22/2009 (Write-In)

Best Magazine or Fanzine:
Beneath Ceaseless Skies (Write-In)

Best Editor, Pro or Fan:
Scott H. Andrews (Write-In) (if you think I’m worthy!)

Thanks very much for considering our stories!

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