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Issue #47 — July 15, 2010

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“The Territorialist,” by Yoon Ha Lee

Jeris tensed. “A rogue territorialist?” Circle Circle Six, nominally protected by its more prominent neighbors, had one of the highest turnover rates for territorialists. If it had just been a change of regime, Jeris would have sat back to see how long the newcomer lasted. But the bone-map’s reaction had been a clear warning that he would have to intervene.

“Throwing Stones,” by Mishell Baker

The body was my own, and not my own. It was no mere trick for others’ eyes; my very joints seemed strung together more loosely, and my breasts ached under the tight bindings I had always worn. By the end of each night I had nearly adjusted to this female form, only to be wrenched back to my natural male one at the first whisper of dawn.

BCS Audio Fiction Podcasts

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcasts will be taking a short hiatus in July, but they will return in August with audio stories by Vylar Kaftan, Erin Cashier, and more.

From the Archives:
“Of Shifting Skin and Certainty,” by Justin Howe, from BCS #26

Such is our addiction. Living formless is its own refuge–our skin-shifting a means of escape, to always have a new identity waiting in the tank for when the one we wear becomes overly tiresome and persistent. But the King no longer wearies of change, and has but one face now to show the world. And though it resembles candle wax, it remains. “That is my difference,” he says.

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