11-02-2010, 03:43 PM

World Fantasy went quite well. I met a bunch of BCS authors for the first time, including Marie Brennan, Vylar Kaftan, Erin Cashier, Renee Stern, Ferret Steinmetz, and more. I saw several who I know from other cons, including Matt Kressel, Genevieve Valentine, Rita Oakes, and Saladin Ahmed. I also met a bunch of fans of BCS, including two editors who’ve blogged great things about the magazine: John Klima of Electric Velocipede and John O’Neill of Black Gate.

Matt read from his BCS story “The Suffering Gallery,” which will be out in December. Saladin read from his forthcoming novel, “Throne of The Crescent Moon Kingdoms,” which features the same characters as his BCS story “Where Virtue Lives.”

I also moderated the swords & sorcery panel and got a chance to explain the particular brand of character-centered fantasy that BCS specializes in. Judging from the recent online praise for the magazine’s second anniversary, it has found its audience.

Thanks to everybody who spoke to me at the con, everybody who dropped by the BCS party , and everyone who’s enjoying the magazine.

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