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For those of you who can nominate for the Nebula Awards (which is any Active or Associate member of SFWA), here is a list of all BCS stories that are eligible and what Nebula category they fall in (Novelette or Short Story).

Anything published during 2010 is eligible, which is BCS #34 through #59, inclusive. You must have your nominations in before February 15, 2011.

Eligible for Best Novelette:
Ian McHugh, Red Dirt
Peter Kovic, A Bounty Split Three Ways
Richard Parks, Lady of the Ghost Willow
Margaret Ronald, The Guilt Child
Marie Brennan, And Blow Them at the Moon

Rachael Acks, The Book of Autumn
Yoon Ha Lee, The Territorialist
Marissa Lingen, The Six Skills of Madame Lumiere
Adam Corbin Fusco, The Jewels of Montforte
James Lecky, And Other Such Delights

K.J. Kabza, The Leafsmith in Love
Richard Parks, Sanji’s Demon
T.F. Davenport, The Motor, the Mirror, the Mind
Garth Upshaw, Gizzard Stones

Eligible for Best Short Story:
Fox McGeever, Lession’s Tower
Matthew Kressel, The Suffering Gallery
J. Kathleen Cheney, Fleurs du Mal
Ferrett Steinmetz, As Below, So Above
Genevieve Valentine, Bread and Circuses

Anne Cross, The Popinjay’s Daughter
Steve Rasnic Tem, Dying on the Elephant Road
Tony Pi, The Curse of Chimère
Sarah L. Edwards, The Girl Who Tasted the Sea
Rosamund Hodge, More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand

Therese Arkenberg, Invitation of the Queen
Garth Upshaw, Two by Zero
E. Catherine Tobler, The Swallow and the Sea
Liz Coleman, Winecask Bellies and Owl Wings
Erin Cashier, Eighth Eye

Vylar Kaftan, Prashkina’s Fire
Dean Wells, The Shades of Morgana
Mishell Baker, Throwing Stones
Kris Millering, The Isthmus Variation
Aliette de Bodard, Memories in Bronze, Feathers, and Blood

Marie Brennan, Remembering Light
Saladin Ahmed, Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride
Matthew Bey, The Secret of Pogopolis
Sarah L. Edwards, As the Prairie Grasses Sing
Michael J. DeLuca, The Circus of King Minos’ Masque

Adam Heine, Pawn’s Gambit
Nancy Fulda, Knowing Neither Kin Nor Foe
Tom Crosshill, Waiting for Number Five
Alys Sterling, In Memoriam
Catherine Mintz, A Skirt of Many Colors

Kathryn Allen, Pale
Rodello Santos, To Slay with a Thousand Kisses
Paul Daly, Shatterach Gates
Margaret Ronald, A Serpent in the Gears
A.C. Smart, Bellwether

Thanks very much for considering our stories!

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