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Issue #64 — Mar. 10, 2011

“Breathing Sunshine,” by Garth Upshaw

“You’re one of the lucky ones. We could put a mask on you, keep the particles out for a few days. You’d turn back into what you were before.” I moved closer to the fort and took another reading. The needle hovered over yellow. My tongue felt as dry as sand.

“Mr Morrow Becomes Acquainted with the Delicate Art of Squid Keeping,” by Geoffrey Maloney

They couldn’t be serious, Morrow thought, could not possibly be...but then the Major allowed the squid to slip from his fingers and into his mouth. Miss Twickenham stifled a horrified gasp. Morrow’s heart quickened its beating. Surely, there had been some sleight of hand in the Major’s actions. What he had witnessed was impossible, and he wondered just how strongly the professor’s tobacco had been tinctured with laudanum.

Audio Fiction Podcast 055

“The Ghost of Shinoda Forest,” by Richard Parks, from BCS #63

Whether I was drunk or sober, Princess Teiko haunted my dreams. I had always assumed, if I drank enough that one day this would no longer be true, but there had been fifteen years of drinking after we parted, plus two more after her death, and now my optimism was quite exhausted. As this foolish hope had been all that I had to fight her with, there was nothing left for me to do tonight except the only sensible thing–I surrendered.

From the Archives:

“Six Seeds,” by Sara M. Harvey, from BCS #27

Dollies were the chore of my life: winding them, mending gears, and keeping good care of their pricier parts which pleasured the men.

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