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Issue #83 — December 1, 2011

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“The Gardens of Landler Abbey,” by Megan Arkenberg

I spent the whole of the night lying awake, watching the sickly reflection of the moon in my wall of gilded mirrors. At last the sun rose, and I left my rumpled and sweat-soaked sheets with a great and sudden desire to see Gethsemane von Reis again. Before any part of my brain could protest, I washed and dressed, tucked the Times article into the pocket with my watch, and set off across the herb gardens to the shadows of Armitage Wood.

“Princess Courage,” by Nadia Bulkin

I went to see the specimens, because I thought I should know the face of the Enemy–my father would have been in there prodding and cutting himself–and immediately wished I hadn’t. Cleaned of swamp sludge they looked like the gray ice mummies that had been found in caves along the Blue Belt.

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From the Archives:

“The Orangery,” by K.D. Wentworth, from BCS #12

The music grew louder, skirling with strange harmonies that wove in and out of each other, and I knew then it couldn’t be Nanny. I emerged from the artificial forest to stand behind my brother and sister. An elegant divan covered in striped cream and blue silk was faintly visible out of the corner of my eye. I crossed my arms over my chest as though I could protect myself. “Where is this?”

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