The Best of BCS, Year Two anthology now available

Issue #84 — December 15, 2011

Issue also available on Kindle and as Epub, Mobi, or PDF

“Heartless,” by Peadar Ó Guilín

Swinging from the roof hung a little cage with Garvinger’s window-witch inside. It babbled spells to keep Malern alive and conscious on the table throughout the whole operation. Malern couldn’t see its mad, warty little face, but now and again, cool drops of its sweat fell onto her fevered skin.

“The God Thieves,” by Derek Künsken

Mateo dreamed of overwhelming power, and of hell. Men harnessed power by merging themselves with mutilated monsters, prodded alight the power of insensate gods through fires poked into other planes. Genoa stole the secrets of domesticating the gods from the Venetians. The Venetians stole from Genoa. Always chasing. Always fleeing. Always hunting up new gods with which to destroy each other.

BCS Audio Fiction Podcasts

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From the Archives:

“The God-Death of Halla,” by Tina Connolly, from BCS #5 and Audio Fiction Podcast 008

The man’s head swung wildly, his fingers grasping towards the straining netted bundle. The touch of the God on an unholy man was not pretty. Halla could sense it, crackling the air from the Mouth to the man. It was a compulsion that filled him with blood lust, blanketed his mind with one urge: kill the dove.

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