The Best of BCS, Year Two anthology now available

Issue #87 — January 26, 2012

Issue also available on Kindle and as Epub, Mobi, or PDF

“The Last Gorgon,” by Rajan Khanna

Something moves at the end of the corridor. I raise the gun and stop when I see the small figure, the same soft wings but smaller; coiled serpent hair tight about the head. Little more than a girl. The creature’s offspring. What she was protecting.

“The Castle That Jack Built,” by Emily Gilman

He had heard rumors, when he was working for the bears, that their prince had fallen in love with a human girl, and that she had been the one to betray him. The prince, the young man who should have been a bear, was the reason why the castle must never fail, the reason why Jack must never speak.

Audio Fiction Podcast 074

“The Lady of the Lake,” by E. Catherine Tobler, from BCS #86

This task had not been set to us but to him. How long might one live if they denied a god? Susanoo could not drown me in these waters, nor could a blade pierce my heart, but he commanded all of Yomi, and what tortures he might devise there I did not wish to know.

From the Archives:

“The Circus of King Minos’ Masque,” by Michael J. DeLuca, from BCS #41

Condescension, from a slave, though Periphas. How appropriate. He got up, following the loggerhead along the circus’ aisle as it swam. The carvings on its shell were spidery and thin, interconnected traceries meaningless in any language of logic or linear thought. He doubted that an untrained eye, even in the first row, would know them for what they were: the marks of madness bent to will. The symbols of a sorcerer’s attention.

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