BCS #98 is out, featuring a story by E. Catherine Tobler, “Lady Marmalade.”  Her stories have appeared twice before in BCS, including “The Lady of the Lake”, which was also BCS Audio Fiction Podcast 074BCS #98 also has Pt. II of Michael J. DeLuca’s novella set in the Weird-West-meets-Ancient-Greece world of several of his previous BCS stories.  If you missed Pt. I, you can find it in BCS #97

Our next issue, BCS #99, will feature our 200th story!  By returning BCS author Chris Willrich, who also wrote our very first story: “The Sword of Loving Kindness” in BCS #1-2. And one fortnight after that, BCS #100, a celebratory double-issue featuring four stories and a new Audio Fiction Podcast.

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