Ceaseless Steam

The brand new BCS anthology is now out: Ceaseless Steam, Steampunk Stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Our previous two anthologies, Best of BCS Year One and Year Two, feature great stories from single years of the magazine. Ceaseless Steam is different: a theme anthology, showcasing great steampunk stories from throughout BCS‘s first four years.

Worlds flavored with steampunk’s blend of early industrial technology and pre-modern culture have great opportunity for awe and wonder.  Add nuanced characters moving through those worlds, and it’s exactly the kind of story we love.

If you like steampunk or just great literary adventure fantasy, check out Ceaseless Steam. Authors include 2009 Campbell Award finalist Aliette de Bodard, Margaret Ronald, Yoon Ha Lee, Marissa Lingen, 2012 Nebula Award finalist Tom Crosshill, and many more.  Only $3.99 for eighteen stories.  Like our other ebook anthologies, it’s available from ebook stores including Kindle Store, WeightlessBooks.com, and others.

And buying a copy of Ceaseless Steam, or any of the BCS anthologies, is a great way to support BCS while enjoying awe-inspiring stories on your E-Reader, smart phone, or other device.

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