BCS #99, featuring our 200th story, and #100, our milestone double-issue, were reviewed last week by Locus online review Lois Tilton. She had good comments on all six stories, including her rare “Recommended” rating for one.

Of “How the Wicker Knight Would Not Move” by Chris Willrich in BCS #99, she said “a nicely-done fable. I like the conclusion... quite a lot.” She called “Fox Bones. Many Uses.” by Alex Dally MacFarlane a “tale of courage against heavy odds... The use of fox bone magic is for the most part well done”.

In the Palace of the Jade Lion” by Richard Parks in BCS #100 she called “Another fine ghost story from Parks. Xu Jian exhibits an admirably philosophical demeanor along with the passion of a lover. This one comes to a particularly satisfying conclusion.  Recommended.”

In “Ratcatcher” by Garth Upshaw, “The narrator’s eccentric, overwrought voice grabs reader attention”, and “The Three Feats of Agani” by Christie Yant “raises the interesting moral question of whether the god Agani is rightly or unjustly despised.” She liked the “unusual premise” of “Virtue’s Ghosts” by Amanda M Olson and its “very apt conclusion.”

Thanks very much! 

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