BCS #102 is here. It includes fiction by Peter Darbyshire, a story featuring his Weird West fallen angel gunslinger Angel Azrael, who debuted in BCS last year with “The Angel Azrael Rode into the Town of Burnt Church on a Dead Horse,” along with a story by new writer Nathaniel Katz.

There’s also an audio fiction podcast of the Angel Azrael story, which continues our award-finalist podcast‘s past run of gritty Weird West pieces, like Pale” by Kathryn Allen, “The Judge’s Right Hand” by J.S. Bangs, and “Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride” by Saladin Ahmed.

Along with a new view of our current Weird West/steampunk cover art, “Bandits Assault a Stagecoach” by Argentinian artist Ignacio Bazán Lazcano. We’ll have another unique take on Weird West in the next issue, to go with that great artwork.

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