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To celebrate the fourth anniversary of BCS and our new ebook anthology The Best of BCS, Year Three, we’re having a sale on ebook subscriptions and anthologies!

If you buy an ebook subscription to BCS or a copy of The Best of BCS, Year Three from our subscription partner, for a limited time we’ll send you a free ebook of one of our first two anthologies, Best of BCS Year One or Best of BCS Year Two.  Your choice, sent at the end of the sale.

We’ve also dropped the price of Best of BCS Year Two to $2.99.  And if we get at least 100 new or renewal subscribers during this sale, all those subscribers will be entered in a random drawing to win a free Kindle e-reader.

Best of BCS, Year Three has eighteen stories for only $3.99, including ones by Richard Parks, Margaret Ronald, Genevieve Valentine, Garth Upshaw, Adam Callaway, and World Fantasy Award-winner Steve Rasnic Tem.

Ebook subscriptions are only $13.99 for 26 issues/52 stories (that’s 27 cents a story!).  Subscribers will get our Fourth Anniversary Double-Issue, featuring Richard Parks and Marissa Lingen, including two stories which won’t be released on the website until a week later.

Subscribe at Weigthless Books

Why should you buy an ebook subscription to BCS, when the stories are available on the website?

-Ebook subscribers get new issues before they are released on the website (next week’s issue is already out, eight days early)

-Ebook subscribers can get issues delivered directly to their Kindle or smart phone (any device with an email address)

-It’s a bargain–a whole year/26 issues for $13.99

-It’s a great way to support BCS–all proceeds from ebook subscriptions and anthology sales go directly to help pay our artists and authors

(If you bought a subscription in the past month, contact us or Weightless Books, and we’ll give you the free anthology too.  We appreciate you having supported us already.)

The sale and the free Kindle giveaway will end in early October, so make sure you buy your subscription or Best of BCS Year Three at Weightless Books soon in order to get the free anthology. Thanks very much for your support!

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