Capclave: Where Reading is not Extinct

I will be at Capclave, the D.C. area regional con this weekend, where reading, unlike their beanie-capped con mascot at right, is not extinct.  I’ll have with me a stack of shiny new BCS flyers and anthology postcards.

I’m on three panels, all dealing with short fiction or small-press publishing:

Friday 7:00 pm: Small Press, an Ebook Perspective
Small press editors discuss ebooks. How are ebooks affecting the small press industry? How do you compete with the big boys?

Saturday 11:00 am: Rejection
Thank you for submitting your story, unfortunately....  Nobody sells everything. How do authors cope with rejection? What do editors do to help?

Sunday 2:00 pm: Online publishing, from blogs to e-magazines
What are the advantages and disadvantages of publishing online? Who are some of the best online publishers and what do they do? What can be learned from some pioneers? And how can new would-be publishers get started?

Feel free to drop by any of these if you’d like to hear my insight on the above.

Also, if you see me after panels or in the halls or the bar, feel free to say hello. I’m always interested in meeting BCS authors and readers.

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