Speculate!BCS is appearing on a trio of episodes of Speculate!, a podcast designed not only for readers but also writers.

Speculate! is produced by author and professor Gregory A. Wilson and author Bradley P. Beaulieu (“From the Spices of Sanandira” in BCS #70 and #71). Their podcast focuses on the same subject for three or four episodes, discussing different aspects of it, including editor interviews and analysis of the fiction-writing craft (Greg and Brad have written articles on writing for the SFWA Bulletin).

The first of their three episodes on BCS, a review and discussion of the stories in BCS #103 and #104, is now live.

The second episode, coming next week, is a nearly hour-long interview that Greg and Brad did with me. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff; not only things like the aim of BCS but also writer- and podcaster-centric topics like my approach to editing and to recording BCS podcasts.

Check out this first episode, and keep an eye out the next two weeks for the other two in the trio.

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