BCS #105, the Fourth Anniversary Double-Issue, and #106 were reviewed last week by Lois Tilton of Locus Online.

Of Richard Parks’s Lord Yamada story “Three Little Foxes,” she said “A ghost story premised not on evil but melancholy and loss, and on love. It’s not Yamada’s ability to discern the spirits that reveals the nature of the mystery, but his way of seeing into human hearts.” The protagonist in Marissa Lingen’s “Cursed Motives” she called “an engaging and clever character.”

Karalynn Lee’s “Unsilenced” she said shows that “The costs of learning what is truly valuable are tragic, because some things can’t be recovered or compensated for” and gave it her rare Recommended rating. In Nicole M. Taylor’s “Hold a Candle to The Devil,” she called the protagonist :a memorable character you wouldn’t want to cross” and said “There’s some nasty black magic here, with care taken in its working.”

Thanks very much!

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