Locus online’s indefatigable short fiction reviewer Lois Tilton recently posted her year-end review of the short fiction magazines she regularly reviews.

Last October on our fourth anniversary, she called BCS “a premier venue for fantastic fiction, not just online but for all media.”

This time, she included BCS along with Clarkesworld and Subterranean in saying “count three ezines as really outstanding,” singling out BCS stories by Emily Gilman, Richard Parks, Anne Ivy, Justin Howe, Karalynn Lee, Mark Teppo, and Noreen Doyle.

In addition, she had very high praise for BCS and our particular brand of fantasy:

...what BCS has done in the few years since its founding is to revive adventure fantasy, secondary-world fantasy, as a respectable subgenre of short fiction, raising it from the midden of disdain into which it had been cast by most of the rest of the field. Not a trivial accomplishment.

Thank you!  Creating a dedicated home for secondary-world fantasy was our aim from the very first issue.

We are very proud that we’ve achieved that, and we’re delighted for our efforts to get such recognition from someone so well-versed in the field.  Especially using such a great historical fantasy term as ‘midden.’ :)

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