BCS #110 and #111 were reviewed last weekend by Lois Tilton of Locus online.

She had particularly high praise for two of the stories, giving them both her rare Recommended rating:

“The Storms in Arisbat” by Therese Arkenberg she said has “a lot of detail here that enriches this story – elements of myth and history, the working of magic and its cost, philosophical meditation on death.”

Of “‘His Crowning Glory’: a new tale of the Antique Lands” by Noreen Doyle, she praised its “distinctive narrative voice... not the bland and anonymous omniscient narrator with which readers may be more familiar, but a voice with a strong personality of its own. The tone is light and salted with nice little nuggets of wit.” She also was impressed with “the richness of the world, a thronged, bustling, noisy bazaar of a setting.”

Congratulations! Especially for the praise on the vividness of the worlds, since that’s what we love at BCS–rich worlds that enhance the entire story.

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