BCS #112 and #113 were reviewed last week by Locus online reviewer Lois Tilton, including two of the four stories getting her rare “Recommended” rating.

Of “Death Sent” by Christian K. Martinez, she noted “A lot of imaginative scenes here in this short piece, neat images,” and she called “The Stone Oaks” by Stephen Case “An interesting and fairly original premise.”

Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow was “a wondrous fantastic adventure full of magical stuff, stories nested in stories, ghosts and gods and demonic boats, and doomed loves. The narrative hops and skips and turns about, casting a story-spell that lures the reader through its twisty, root-trapped canals. RECOMMENDED.

And in “Misbegotten” by Raphael Ordoñez,  “Elerit gives the initial impression of a hapless character, but he proves to have deep resources and strong attachment. Another well-imagined setting increases reader enjoyment. RECOMMENDED.

Congratulations, all!

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