BCS #114 is out today, featuring stories by novelist James L. Sutter and writer Leslianne Wilder. Both focus on bold heroines facing challenges in vivid and unusual worlds.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is  BCS 097: Misbegotten by Raphael Ordoñez, read by guest narrator Michael J. DeLuca, which follows a character escaping a carnival and his past through a strange landscape of rail yards.

For the From the Archives story, revisit “The Jewels of Montforte” by Adam Corbin Fusco, from BCS #44, which has a similarly dashing flair yet entrancing core as one of the stories in BCS #114.

Also, during the run of this issue BCS is giving away a signed a signed copy of epic fantasy author Robert V.S. Redick’s The Red Wolf Conspiracy, which features a bold heroine in a very unusual world. See this post for rules and to enter.

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