BCS #114 and #115 were reviewed at Locus online, including one of the four stories getting the rare “Recommended” rating, and BCS #114 was reviewed at Tangent.

Locus reviewer Lois Tilton said of “Sate My Thirst with Ink and Blood” by Adam Callaway that “The narrative voice, touched with dark humor and wit, is the making of this one. RECOMMENDED.”

Of the protagonist of “Beheaded by Peasants” by James L. Sutter, Tangent said her “dilemma and final solution bring fatalism and free will to a climactic clash that is certain to provoke an unforgettable reaction of the heart and mind.”  And “The Crimson Kestrel” by Leslianne Wilder was “peppered with plenty to keep the blood pumping. ...sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Congratulations, all!

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