The February issue of Locus included their annual report of circulation statistics for the major magazines in F/SF short fiction, as provided to Locus by each magazine. 

The figure that we at BCS gave Locus was an estimate based on partial data. We’ve now crunched the final numbers, and some additional stats, and would like to report them here.

BCS averaged 25,500 unique web visitors per month in 2012.* This was up from 20,000 in 2011.

The BCS podcast averaged 4000 downloads per episode, up from 2000 in 2011.**

As Locus noted, in 2012 we published 55 stories (40 short stories and 15 novelettes), all originals, and 22 podcast episodes.***

Overall, our best year yet at BCS! Thank you to our readers and fans, and we look forward to what 2013 brings.

(*The 25,500 unique visitors/month puts BCS with the third-highest readership among all the e-zines who provided stats to Locus.)

(**The 4000 podcast listeners was second to the one text-and-podcast e-zine that reported figures and well behind the top podcast-only zines.)

(***The 55 stories was the most original full-length stories among all the e-zines reporting to Locus, and the second-highest total of original fiction including flash and short-shorts.)

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