Clockwork Phoenix 4 A bunch of past and forthcoming BCS authors have stories in the new fourth volume of the acclaimed Clockwork Phoenix anthology series, edited by BCS author Mike Allen:

  • “The Canal Barge Magician’s Number Nine Daughter” by Ian McHugh (“Red Dirt” in BCS #58, “Songdogs” in BCS #27, a new story forthcoming)
  • “Beach Bum and the Drowned Girl” by Richard Parks (“Three Little Foxes” in BCS #105, and many others)
  • “Trap-Weed” by Gemma Files (“Two Captains,” forthcoming)
  • “What Still Abides” by Marie Brennan (“The Ascent of Unreason” in BCS #104, and many others).
  • “I Come from the Dark Universe” by Cat Rambo (“Love, Resurrected” in BCS #65)
  • “Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer” by Kenneth Schneyer (“Serkers and Sleep” in BCS #96)
  • “Three Times” by Camille Alexa (“Over a Narrow Sea” — in BCS #60)
  • “The Bees Her Heart, the Hive Her Belly” by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (“The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate,” forthcoming)

Definitely give them and this anthology a read.

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