Voting in the Locus Reader Poll for 2012 is open!

BCS has six stories on the Locus Recommended List this year–an all-time high for us, and the second highest number of any online magazine in the field.

BCS itself is also listed for Best Magazine or Fanzine.

And you can write-in any other story or magazine you feel worthy. Here are some of the best-reviewed BCS stories from 2012, and which official category they fit in (short story, novelette, etc).

Anyone can vote–you don’t have to be a subscriber to Locus. And the poll covers a lot more than just short fiction–also novels, first novels, artists, and more. Check out the poll listings and show your support for the authors and works that moved you.

The deadline is Apr. 15, 2013.  So you have some time, but plan cast your vote before then.

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