BCS #123 is now out, featuring two returning BCS authors and a guest-narrated podcast.

Ian McHugh (“Red Dirt” in BCS #58; “Songdogs” in BCS #27) returns to BCS with “Cold, Cold War,” a tale of biplanes and strange demonic ziggurats. Don Allmon (“Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War” in BCS #103) offers a new but unrelated Weird West story featuring pulp fiction: “A Sixpenny Crossing.”

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 106: The Penitent by M. Bennardo, from BCS #122.  It’s read by guest-narrator Michael J. DeLuca, who has read past episodes including BCS 090: Worth of Crows and BCS 097: Misbegotten.

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