Yet more recent acceptances at Beneath Ceaseless Skies in the last month:

“Moreau’s Daughter,” by Holly Messinger

“The Walking Still,” by C.T. Hutt

“On the Origin of Song,” by Naim Kabir


“Cherry Blossoms on the River of Souls,” by Richard Parks

“Walls of Skin, Soft as Paper,” by Adam Callaway (a companion piece to his acclaimed BCS story “Walls of Paper, Soft as Skin”)

Adam Callaway (“Sate My Thirst with Ink and Blood” in BCS #115, “The Magic of Dark and Hollow Places” in BCS #96, among others) and of course Richard Parks (“In the Palace of the Jade Lion” in BCS #100, “The Ghost of Shinoda Forest” in BCS #63, and many more) have appeared in BCS before, but the others are new to our pages.

Congratulations all!

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