The ‘From the Archives’ story along with BCS #53 BCS #124 is “The Girl Who Tasted the Sea” by Sarah L. Edwards, from BCS #53.

It has a similar tone as “The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen” by Barbara A. Barnett in BCS #124, beyond just the surface similarity in the title. Both deal in fable-like yet still tactile and vivid tones with young characters facing challenges of family and their place in the world.  “The Girl Who Tasted the Sea” doesn’t encounter any Death, but what she faces is just as powerful.

(If you haven’t noticed the From the Archives story listings, they are in the RSS feed for New Issues.  Every BCS issue listing there has a ‘From the Archives’ story appended to it: an older story from a past issue, which shares a theme or style or character or setting with one or both of the stories in the current issue.)

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