BCS will be at ReaderCon, in north Boston, again for 2013!

Saturday at 11:30 AM, there is a solo Reading from the magazine, where I will read from some BCS stories. Audience’s choice! Including older stories, current ones, and even forthcoming ones from Issue #125 or our Fifth Anniversary Double-Issue this Oct.; even maybe stories from the not-yet-announced Best of BCS Year Four.

Perhaps some of the BCS authors who are at the con will drop by, and you might get to hear them read a bit themselves.

Saturday at 2 PM, I am on the panel The Relationship of Reality and Fantasy. It’s about fantasy secondary worlds borrowing elements from real history, in particular the social consciousness facet of societies, and readers’ interpretations of them; for example the irony of fans who accept magic and dragons but balk at the idea of female pirates or a black Lancelot because they’re “unrealistic.” It asks, whose reality does fantasy need to reflect in order to be believable?

I’ll have flyers featuring cover art by Jonas de Ro and Raphael Lacoste and postcards for Best of BCS Year Three. Feel free to drop by the Saturday reading or panel, or to stop me in the halls!

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