The ‘From the Archives’ story along with BCS #53 BCS #125 is “Unsilenced” by Karalynn Lee, from BCS #105, our Fourth Anniversary Double-Issue, in Oct. 2012.

It has a similar tone as “Else This, Nothing Ever Grows” by Sylvia Linsteadt, with a protagonist on a lush journey among strange characters and demigods in a search involving love and personal identity. The realms are different, more of a fantasy realm instead of a Pacific Northwest sort of forest, but the journeys are not unlike.

(If you haven’t noticed the From the Archives story listings, they are in the RSS feed for New Issues. Every BCS issue listing there has a ‘From the Archives’ story appended to it: an older story from a past issue, which shares a theme or style or character or setting with one or both of the stories in the current issue.)

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