(Story list updated 08/01/13)

Nominations are open for the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award, a great award that recognizes online fiction of all genres.

BCS has had stories named to the Million Writers list in past years, and we were runner-up for their Best New Magazine award back  in 2008.

Any reader can nominate one story, any story that appeared first online and in 2012. Every story that was in BCS in 2012 is eligible; see below for a list and links to them.

The deadline to nominate is Aug. 3. So if you want to nominate, make sure you do it soon. We thank you for your interest in BCS and our stories.

All Eligible Stories from BCS

Here is the full list of all BCS stories that are eligible for the 2013 Million Writers Award (any story that appeared in 2012).

Calibrated Allies,” by Marissa Lingen

The Lady of the Lake,” by E. Catherine Tobler

The Last Gorgon,” by Rajan Khanna

The Proof of Bravery,” by David Milstein


A Place to Stand,” by Grace Seybold

Shadows Under Hexmouth Street,” by Justin Howe (already nominated)

The Mote-Dancer and the Firelife,” by Chris Willrich

The Book of Locked Doors,” by Yoon Ha Lee (already nominated)


Bearslayer and the Black Knight,” by Tom Crosshill

The Ivy-Smothered Palisade,” by Mike Allen

Pridecraft,” by Christian K. Martinez

To Go Home to Leal,” by Susan Forest


A Marble for the Drowning River,” by Ann Chatham

Shades of Amber,” by Marie Croke

The Magic of Dark and Hollow Places,” by Adam Callaway

One Ear Back,” by Tina Connolly


Lady Marmalade,” by E. Catherine Tobler

How the Wicker Knight Would Not Move,” by Chris Willrich

Fox Bones. Many Uses.,” by Alex Dally MacFarlane

The Three Feats of Agani,” by Christie Yant (already nominated)


Virtue’s Ghosts,” by Amanda M. Olson

The Heart of the Rail,” by Mark Teppo

The Tale of the Aggrieved Astrologer,” by Jack Nicholls

The Angel Azrael Delivers Small Mercies,” by Peter Darbyshire


Beyond the Shrinking World,” by Nathaniel Katz

When Averly Fell from the Sky,” by Dean Wells

Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War,” by Don Allmon

The Ascent of Unreason,” by Marie Brennan


Worth of Crows,” by Seth Dickinson (already nominated)

Three Little Foxes,” by Richard Parks

Cursed Motives,” by Marissa Lingen

Luck Fish,” by Peta Freestone


A Song of Blackness,” by Nancy Fulda

They Make of You a Monster,” by Damien Walters Grintalis

Seeking The Great Raymundo,” by Jamie Lackey

The Scorn of the Peregrinator,” by John E.O. Stevens


The Storms in Arisbat,” by Therese Arkenberg

Casualties,” by Alec Austin

The Giants of Galtares,” by Sue Burke


The Castle That Jack Built,” by Emily Gilman (already nominated)

The Empire of Nothingness,” by Geoffrey Maloney

Scry,” by Anne Ivy (already nominated)

Juggernaut,” by Megan Arkenberg


Sinking Among Lilies,” by Cory Skerry (already nominated)

The Governess and the Lobster,” Margaret Ronald (selected for Year’s Best SF&F)

Serkers and Sleep,” by Kenneth Schneyer (already nominated)

In the Palace of the Jade Lion,” by Richard Parks (named to Locus Recommended Reading List)


Ratcatcher,” by Garth Upshaw

Unsilenced,” by Karalynn Lee (already nominated)

Hold a Candle to The Devil,” by Nicole M. Taylor

After Compline, Silence Falls,” by M. Bennardo


Liaisons Galantes: A Scientific Romance,” by David D. Levine

The Telling,” by Gregory Norman Bossert (already nominated)

‘His Crowning Glory’: a new tale of the Antique Lands,” by Noreen Doyle

Death and the Thunderbird,” by Michael J. DeLuca


Thanks very much for considering us and our stories!

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