BCS #126 is out, featuring two dark stories from two returning BCS authors.

E. Catherine Tobler (“Lady Marmalade” in BCS #98, among several others) returns to the paranormal circus world of that story and others of hers with “Artificial Nocturne.”

Justin Howe (“Shadows Under Hexmouth Street” in BCS #89) explores a dark theme a bit like his piece “Of Shifting Skin and Certainty” from BCS #26.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is the more bittersweet tale by Barbara A. Barnett in BCS #124, BCS 107: he Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen. It’s read by guest-narrator Tina Connolly, BCS author and podcaster; her podcast Toasted Cake is a two-time Parsec Award finalist.

Next issue, we’ll have two authors new to BCS and new cover art!

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