BCS #127 is out, featuring two new BCS authors, new cover art, a guest-narrated podcast, and a signed novel giveaway.

Greg Kurzawa comments on the nature of human or beast in “The Study of Monstrosities,” and Dan Rabarts explores duty, family, and wizard trouble in his Weird West piece “The Crooked Mile.”

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 108: Last Rites for a Vagabond by Justin Howe, from BCS #126, read by guest-narrator and BCS author Rajan Khanna (“The Last Gorgon” in BCS #87).

The new BCS cover art is “The Village,” by Argentine artist Sergio Diaz.

And, in conjunction with the Rabarts Weird West story, we’re giving away a signed novel by BCS Weird West author Peter Darbyshire. To learn more or to enter, visit this post.

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