A bunch of BCS authors have short fiction appearing in other major zines this month.

  • Rose Lemberg (“Held Close in Syllables of Light” in BCS #80) in the Strange Horizons Bonus Issue Sept-Oct 201, which is part of the goals for their ongoing fund drive
  • Gregory Norman Bossert (“The Telling” in BCS #109, currently a finalist for the World Fantasy Award later this month) in the Dec 2013 issue of Asimov’s

Also, along with the three BCS stories that made the shortlist for the Million Writers Award, two BCS authors made the list with short fiction in other magazines: Caroline M. Yoachim (“The Land of Empty Shells” in BCS #20) and Yoon Ha Lee (“The Book of Locked Doors” in BCS #91 and Best of BCS Year Four, “The Pirate Captain’s Daughter” in BCS #27, and many more). 

Congratulations, all!

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