BCS #137, our last issue for 2013, is out today, featuring two authors new to BCS.

Beth Cato, whose debut novel is forthcoming from HarperCollins Voyager in late 2014, offers “Stitched Wings,” a wry young character’s view of her mother changing after an encounter with a jailed fae. New writer A.E. Decker contributes “Whistler’s Grove,” a tale of possibilities and sacrifice between longtime companions and rivals.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast returns with BCS 116: Walking Still, C.T. Hutt’s droll tale from BCS #136 about a Weird Western tonics salesman clashing with an autocratic town. 

The ‘From the Archives’ story with BCS #137 is “Cold Iron and Green Vines” by Wendy N. Wagner, from BCS #69 and Audio Fiction Podcast BCS 061, featuring a protagonist struggling with fae forces and her mother’s legacy.

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