BCS #138 is out today, featuring a chilly story of intrigue from a returning BCS author and a quirky Weird Western from a new one.

Siobhan Carroll, author of the character-driven courtly intrigue “In the Gardens of the Night” in BCS #74, returns with “The Year of Silent Birds,” a similarly character-driven tale of palace intrigue from a very different protagonist. Nathaniel Lee debuts in BCS with “Enginesong,” set a in quirky Weird Western world.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode with this issue is BCS 117: Whistler’s Grove by A.E. Decker, a story of questions and deceit from BCS #137 that features longtime companions facing an ultimate cost.

The ‘From the Archives’ story with BCS #138 is “Silk and Shadow” by Tony Pi, from BCS #11, a tale of courtly intrigue that manifests in a deadly shadowplay as conquerors and defenders fight for control of a realm.

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