Welcome, BCS #146, featuring a returning BCS author and a new one, the 300th story to appear in BCS, and a celebratory ebook sale!

Nicole M. Taylor (“A Spoonful of Salt” in BCS #79; “Hold a Candle to The Devil” in BCS #106) returns with The Lighthouse Keepers,” a subtly unfolded tale of familial relationships and strangeness. Andrea Stewart debuts in BCS with The Dreams of Wan Li,” likewise centering on intertwined relationships.

BCS 126: The Lighthouse Keepers is also our podcast episode with this issue. Hear this strange and moving tale unfold in audio. The ‘From the Archives’ story with BCS #146 is Virtue’s Ghosts by Amanda M. Olson, from BCS #100, a story of subtly unfolding familial relationships not unlike “The Lighthouse Keepers.”

The Lighthouse Keepers” is also the 300th story to appear in BCS!

In celebration, we’re having a sale on BCS ebook subscriptions! For the fortnight that “The Lighthouse Keepers” and BCS #146 are the current issue on our website, our ebook subscriptions–available through WeightlessBooks.com–are on sale for 300 cents off!

BCS ebook subscriptions at regular price are only $13.99 for a whole year/26 issues. During this sale, they are only $10.99 for a whole year.

Subscribers get new issues a week early, before the website. Current subscribers can renew their existing subscription at this sale price, regardless of when their subscription expires. Read more about the sale here or on WeightlessBooks.com.

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