BCS #149 debuts today, featuring two tales of dark escape from two returning BCS authors.

Vylar Kaftan (“Prashkina’s FireBCS #48 and podcast BCS 042) offers “Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands,” a very dark tale of confinement and truth and drive to escape. Greg Linklater (“Memories of Her” in BCS # 67) pens “Silver and Seaweed,” a tale of confinement and truth more familial yet likewise driven to escape.

BCS 129: Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands is also the audio fiction podcast episode with BCS #149, and the ‘From the Archives’ story is “The Bone House” by James Lecky, from BCS #20 and podcast BCS 018, a tale of familial confinement and truth and escape not unlike “Silver and Seaweed” or “Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands.” All underneath another view of our new cover art, “Kaybor Gate” by Australian artist Alex Ries.

Coming next issue:  BCS #150!  A special double-issue to celebrate that numerical milestone, with a guest-narrated podcast and a giveaway for a signed hardback novella by a best-selling, Hugo Award-winning fantasy author.

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