The BCS Audio VaultOut today is a new episode of our new podcast, The BCS Audio Vault: 002: One Ear Back by Tina Connolly.

The BCS Audio Vault showcases past stories from our two-time Parsec Award-finalist BCS Audio Fiction Podcast, each introduced by a special guest author, editor or narrator.

BCS Audio Vault 002: One Ear Back by Tina Connolly features the author introducing her story from BCS #97 back in 2012.

She also narrated the podcast reading, and in her introduction, she discusses how “One Ear Back” was inspired by an Icelandic folk tale and the life questions it raised, and by one particularly expressive cat.

Check out BCS Audio Vault 002: One Ear Back to hear Tina Connolly’s fascinating comments on her story and hear her narration of it.

To hear more episodes every fortnight, which will include stories by Marie Brennan, David Tallerman, and Seth Dickinson and introductions by Marie Brennan, Rajan Khanna, and Lou Anders, subscribe to The BCS Audio Vault via RSS feed RSS feed or look for it on iTunes.

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