BCS #167 is out today, featuring two authors new to BCS with tales of characters working their way through new places. 

Bruce McAllister offers “Madonna,” a story of his two long-traveling companions encountering intriguing locals in a city rapt with festival. C.A. Hawksmoor in “Y Brenin” shows a character in turmoil over the mission he must complete and the person who ordered it.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 144: The King in the Cathedral by Rich Larson (author of “The Mermaid Caper” in BCS #119), a story of two odd exiles and the newcomer who arrives in their midst.

The From the Archives story with BCS #167 is “The Motor, the Mirror, the Mind” by T.F. Davenport, from BCS #36 and our BCS steampunk anthology Ceaseless Steam, a tale of characters working their way through new places, not unlike “Madonna” or “Y Brenin.”

All behind a new angle of our new cover art: “Floating Town” by Takeshi Oga.

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