BCS #170 is out today, featuring two returning BCS authors, a podcast, two giveaways for signed books, and new cover art.

Cat Rambo (“Rappaccini’s Crow” in BCS #151; “Love, Resurrected” in BCS #65 and podcast BCS 058) returns to BCS with “Primaflora’s Journey,” a novelette of upheaval set in the same fantastical city world as her new novel Beasts of Tabat

Heather Clitheroe (“Gone Sleeping” in BCS #77 and podcast BCS 067 and the Best of BCS Year Three anthology) offers “Wild Things Got to Go Free,” a tale of mystery and family upheaval from the vivid perspective of a child, not unlike the childhood perspective in “Gone Sleeping.”

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 147: The Sixth Day by Sylvia Anna Hivén from BCS #169, a foreboding tale from the perspective of a child narrator, not unlike “Wild Things Got to Go Free.

Enter our giveaways in conjunction with BCS #170 to win a signed personalized copy of Beasts of Tabat or a signed personalized copy of of Cat Rambo’s most recent short fiction collection, Near + Far.

The From the Archives story with BCS #170 is “Of Thinking Being and Beast ” by Michael J. DeLuca, from BCS #9 and podcast BCS 009, a tale rife with fantastical beasts not unlike “Primaflora’s Journey.”

All behind new cover art: “Twisted Mountain Valley” by Christopher Balaskas.

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