The BCS Audio VaultOut today is a new episode of The BCS Audio Vault: 017: Hangman by Erin Cashier, from back in 2009, a tale of a world-weary hero called back to duty in a strange and dusty Weird Western world where the trains have gone feral and left their tracks.

It’s introduced by the author, explaining her inspiration for the Western feel and voice in the story.

“Hangman” in its text version also appears in our brand new ebook anthology Ceaseless West: Weird Western Stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Ceaseless West features great BCS stories by Kenneth Mark Hoover, Peter Darbyshire, Mark Teppo, E. Catherine Tobler, Gemma Files, and Saladin Ahmed. It will be released early on Apr. 23 at Weightless Books, along with a BCS ebook sale, and at other ebook retailers the following week.

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